Cosmetic Surgery For Men – Are You Serious?

A group of guys are hanging out at local pub looking at ESPN and notice their regular spokesperson looks different. They’re not exactly sure what happened, and assume their “beer goggles” are distorting the accuracy of their vision. One of the guys looks at his friends and says, “I know what it is, that dude’s had a nose job or something. His nose is different!” In disbelief his friends Google the sportscaster’s name on an iPhone, only to determine that the sportscaster had indeed undergone male rhinoplasty.

As crazy as it may sound, cosmetic surgery for men is on the rise. The fight to stay forever young and beautiful has become such a widespread pressure in society that even men are feeling the heat, and caving in to cosmetic surgery procedures such as male rhinoplasty, face lift surgery, gynecomastia and more.

While most people can argue that a clean diet and exercise can help stop or decelerate the aging process, cosmetic surgery offers results without the “hassle” or long term effort before effective results are seen. And to boon, certain plastic surgery treatments like cosmetic face lift surgery provides results that most forms of exercise and/or diet would not be able to fix so effectively.

Of course, when asked, everyone’s reasons for having cosmetic surgery varies from individual to individual, but generally speaking, many men see cosmetic surgery procedures like face lift surgery as a means to a second chance. A cosmetic face lift can restore youthfulness to a rough, but otherwise handsome face, making a man look up to 15 years younger. Male rhinoplasty and other forms of cosmetic surgery for men also help improve self-confidence in many men, especially as they get older and fear their appearance affects their ability to compete with younger gentlemen in the workplace and in romantic endeavors.

Despite the stigma that men don’t “get plastic surgery” done, there exist an ample amount of procedures that are specifically tailored to address men’s specific cosmetic concerns. There are surgical implants for six pack abs, calf implants, male breast reduction, hair restoration and more. Many top plastic surgeons are also aware of the unique facial and physical characteristics men possess which must be addressed during cosmetic surgery procedures, and a great board certified plastic surgeon will be more than qualified to customize his male patients’ procedures in order to effectively maximize these features.

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