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December 24, 2018

The holiday season is wrapping up, and as a new year approaches, many of us have put on more than a few pounds in all the feasting and partying. Luckily, there are a lot of smartphone apps that can help impose some dietary discipline so that you can start the new year right and slash an inch or two off your waistline. Your smartphone can play a role in keeping your diet on the straight and narrow, from basic calorie logging apps to ones that focus on specific diets, such as the keto diet. If watching what you eat is on your list of resolutions for 2019, these diet and nutrition trackers can help you stay on top of what you put into your body.


Ketogenic diets — which feature lots of fats, moderate proteins and very few carbs — are all the rage these days, thanks to high-profile celebrities who tout the wonders of going keto. (Nutritionists and dietitians are less enthusiastic, pointing out the drawbacks and risks to keto diets.) If you’re trying out the keto lifestyle, KetoDiet (Android, iOS) can be a handy tool, offering recipes, articles and advice from experts. The nutritional data in KetoDiet promises to be accurate, as the app spurns crowd-sourced data in favor of information from verifiable sources. The hundred of recipes include nutrtional facts, alternative ingredients and the ability adjust for serving sizes.


Fooducate (Android, iOS) helps you shop and eat healthy by allowing you to quickly pull up nutritional information about food products from barcodes. The app also allows you to make sense of nutritional labels. Fooducate displays a letter grade from A to D, along with a quick summary of nutrition information in plain language; it suggests healthy alternatives, too. If you cook your own meals or eat out, you can also manually enter a meal’s nutritional information. In addition, the app also doubles as an intake, calorie and exercise tracker. A pro subscription removes ads and unlocks additional features.


The first step to eating well is shopping well. At least that’s the idea behind Shopwell (AndroidiOS), a barcode scanning and shopping assistant app that rates foods and grocery items according to your nutritional objectives. ShopWell users create a personalized profile and select from a series of nutritional goals (Heart Disease, Athletic Training, and so on), as well as dietary restrictions (Celiac disease, food allergies, vegetarian, and more). The app then takes these settings into account and uses them to score scanned grocery items, as well as provide layman-friendly nutritional pointers, and healthy suggestions.


Formerly known as Foodle, Nutrients provides users with a rich database containing nutritional information for a wide variety of meals and ingredients. Users can search for specific foods or ingredients and view a breakdown of its important nutritional content, or they can instead choose a particular nutrient, like Vitamin C or Potassium, and then find foods that are loaded with what they’re looking for (citrus fruits or bananas, for example). Users can even create custom recipes with a mix of ingredients, or view data or search from an Apple Watch app.

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