How to Avoid Bad Plastic Surgery and Malpractice

Despite the incredible progress in plastic surgery, there are still quite a few cases when an operation results to a disappointment instead of an improvement. Nevertheless, you can easily avoid a would-be horror story with a little homework on your part before diving into any cosmetic procedure. Below are some of the tips to avoid bad plastic surgery and malpractice.

Do some digging and research – Try your best to gather and understand as much information about the procedure you’re wanting, so that you’re well-informed when you discuss it during doctor consultations.

Ask for referrals – Referrals can come from friends and acquaintances who have first-hand experience with the same procedure, as well as from your family doctor. Talking to others who had the same cosmetic treatment will give you an overview of a surgeon’s track record. You may also want to ask your family doctor to check out some examples of the surgeon’s work.

Check credentials – Once you have a few cosmetic surgeons in mind, you need to verify their qualifications to ensure they are legitimate–and that you will be literally in good hands. Avoid bad cosmetic surgery experience by asking them about board certification, years of experience, and the number of plastic surgery treatments they’ve performed.

Have a medical pre-operation exam – Let your personal physician and chosen plastic surgeon check your general health condition to determine whether or not you’re fit and safe to undergo an operation. Certain health issues like diabetes, heart ailments, smoking are factors that may complicate the results of your surgery.

Don’t penny-pinch – Plastic surgery is something that you shouldn’t be too frugal about. After all, your health and beauty are at stake here. If the cost seems too good to be true, most likely it is. So make sure you don’t choose a doctor based solely on the cheapest quote.

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