Natural Hair Loss Treatment Options

The importance of our head.

Without our scalp showing naturally most of us feel unsuited. That is we don’t feel complete as a human being. What once we had, now we don’t and we want it back is a common theme amongst people that are experiencing this problem. Men can get away with just shaving their heads and say they want to save on expenses but what about women?

What options do they have? Natural treatments are available and surgery treatments are there to use as well. Both type of treatments have a wide array of options to choose from. But let’s get back to the basics.

What is a hair growth cycle consist of?

Hair needs a protein supplement to make it healthy and to grow. This protein is called keratin and the lack of that protein will start to cause loss of hair if it is not reversed. A normal cycle consists of 3 phases. I will dispense with the technical terms of the cycles and just suggest different phases.

Phase 1 is where the major of growth happens at any given time. For people trying to grow scalp hair, this phase usually lasts between 2 to 6 years in which hairs grows at about 10cm per year.

Phase 2 lasts a short period of time. This is a temporary phase in which the hair follicle diminishes and breaks away from the scalp.

Phase 3 is a resting phase. This phase typically lasts about 2 months in which hair stays attached to the follicle but does not grow. This is the last phase which reflects a dormant stage and normally new strands are regrown starting back to phase 1.

It is at this junction that if new growth are not regrown back to phase 1 is then hair thinning starts to happen because new ones are not regrown to replace the lost hairs through the normal hair cycle.

Currently there are only a minimal amount of FDA approved treatments to combat hair loss.

These two treatment plans are Finasteride and Minoxidil. However there are no absolutes in the area of hair growth. That’s why there are a lot of experimenting still going on to this day to find out how to combat this problem. With so many issues concerning the human body head there are as many variations of treatments to use.

Herbal treatments are another way for treatment.

What type of herbal treatments are available?

Well considering that one thought process that your scalp needs blood circulation for your scalp there are several herbs that you can try. Over the counter remedies are ginkgo biloba and cayenne pepper. Both of these herbs stimulate blood circulation and that is the premise of the use of these herbs.

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